What is ADAM?

ADAM stands for Androgen Deficiency in Ageing Men. Basically, it means that your male hormone level has fallen below the normal range, leading to symptoms which are often associated with ageing.

The key male hormone is predominantly produced by the testes. It’s required by all men for a healthy life, physically and psychologically. As well as stimulating sperm production and sex drive and is also crucial for the development of muscle and bone mass. It’s normal for your body to produce less as you age, but abnormally low levels can lead to unwanted symptoms.

About 1 in 200 Men Under 60 Years of Age suffer from ADAM. In men older than 60 years the ratio is 1 in 10.


The following depict the typical symptoms of ADAM:

  • Reduced or total loss sex drive and desire
  • Sexual dysfunction (including problems with erections)
  • Less muscle mass, weaker bones & increased body fat
  • Depressed mood & low satisfaction with life
  • Decreased energy, motivation, initiative & self-confidence

You may not have all of these symptoms; some men may only have a few of these symptoms. None of these symptoms are specific to ADAM, so it is important to talk to a doctor to make sure that ADAM is not confused with other medical conditions, like heart problems, depression or erectile dysfunction (which may be the result of other issues).

Can it be Treated?

YES. ADAM can be treated.

However, there are various male hormone treatment options available including: topical gels, tablets, intramuscular injections, patches, creams and solutions, so it’s important to discuss the options with your doctor in order to find which of these may be suitable for you. Additionally, it’s vital that your doctor monitor your progress to ensure you are receiving the right treatment and dosage, so make sure you regularly visit your doctor.

The first step is get a broad understanding of your symptoms.

Taking the ADAM questionnaire will help determine the extent of your symptoms.
Seeing your doctor with your ADAM results, and having your blood hormone levels tested is Step 2.
The results will determine the type of treatment to be pursued if required.

How to engage with your Doctor

We understand that this maybe a sensitive subject. To facilitate the engagement with your doctor feel free in taking the following questionnaire with you. The ADAM questionnaire will assist your doctor with essential information to make a diagnosis.

30 sec ADAM Questionnaire


To help you find a doctor who is right for you feel free in using Find a men’s health doctor

What others have said:

… My life and my mojo is back. I was lethargic, no sex drive, achy, depressed. Now that’s all turned around. I was a classic sufferer of hypogonadism and it was devastating! Now I feel 15yrs younger with absolutely NO side affects! Thank you – Warren S

I have been using treatment for some years now and it has made an incredible difference to my life. Since I started using it, I have more energy, I now exercise regularly and my relationship with my wife has improved immensely! – Jim C

I am a Medical Practitioner with 20 years experience. Some 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Androgen Deficiency. I have trialled pellets, injections and then 1% gel. The gel created smooth levels, however it was messy to apply such large quantities. I am now using 5% cream which is easily the best of any replacement therapies. It is easy to apply with only a small quantity required (due to its higher concentration). This pharmaceutical grade cream has several studies to prove its absorption and clinical efficacy.

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